We have the Zest for life


22Zest was formed by 3 dynamic music lovers with a view to collaborating in order to provide the public with a synergy of diverse musical operatics.

22Zest consists of a highly sought after DJ, an infectious Percussionist and a melodious Saxophonist.

If you are looking for a full compilation of musical energy, for your next party or function, combining live music and a DJ, consider booking 22Zest!

Keith Coxen
Keith Coxen
Your Percussionist
Keith studied in the UK during 93/94 and also the Havana Cuba Salsa Percussion in 2001. He has performed with Ernesto Latino, Carina Brewer (Stirling EQ), Judith Sephuma, Nataniel, Buddy Wells, Salsa Candela, Latin Kings and Adamu da Silva. When not performing with 22Zest, Keith can be found at Active at Mars Music in Cape Town.
Heather Burgess
Heather Burgess
Your Saxophonist
Heather studied music at UCT and has performed in a broad range of genres, both locally and internationally. Added to her impressive musical experience, she has performed at all of the Music Festivals & Outdoor Parties spread across the country, within Cabarets, Theatres, Musicals, Bands, with DJs and also Live/DJ crossovers.

Heather is also a co-producer in the Chillout Lounge Duo, and Dreamweavers, with albums released internationally. Her favourite style is within Chillout and Jazzy World Fusion Dance floor Grooves.
“Where the rhythm takes you, and the melodies are lush.``

Brent Lawrence
Brent Lawrence
Your DJ
Brent is a full time DJ with 25 year’s experience. He has been extremely privileged to work for some of the most influential families and celebrities in SA. An all-rounder DJ, who can play from Swing to the latest House tracks, Brent was originally from the wedding industry. He now works primarily for corporate functions, also supplying their lighting, sound and technical solutions.


For 3 years, these music lovers have been performing together, keeping Cape Town rocking with musical flavour.

22Zest professionalises all their talents, making it possible to book them for your next party or function.  For one great price you get a DJ, a Percussionist and a Saxophonist.

Combining live music and the DJ concept, 22Zest offers a wide variety of music styles and genres.  Give them carte blanche to entertain the masses all night long with sounds and music that you can relate to.

For added entertainment, the Percussionist interacts with the crowd, allowing them to take part by playing on the Bongs and Congo drums.



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